Abdullah A. Al Majdouie
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chairman’s message

A multinational investment company for the future

Over the course of the last fifty-five years, Almajdouie Group has proudly transformed from a humble land transport company into a multinational conglomerate. Majd Investment was formed to complement Almajdouie’s vision and manage its investments.

I am proud that the investment company has achieved many accomplishments in record time, both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. I personally believe that our dedication and forward-thinking are the two main pillars of our success.

I also credit the diversification of Majd's portfolio for this rapid growth, in the scope of our investments across an array of industries.

For myself, Majd is the epitome of thoughtful planning and successful execution of a fruitful investment strategy. From cash equivalents and private equities to fixed income and real estate, our portfolio is entirely compliant with Islamic Shariah principles and aims to support the investment landscape in this lovely country of ours and all across the region.