Our Story

The founder who inspired generations

Our story starts in Baljurashi, a small town in south-western Saudi Arabia, when a young man named Ali Ibrahim Almajdouie, decided to set out on a journey to make a difference to serve both his nation and fellow countrymen.

Audacious and passionate, Almajdouie moved to the oil-rich Eastern Province of the Kingdom. He spent five years working at Aramco, a Saudi Arabian public oil and gas company based in Dhahran, where he discovered his talent for logistics and transportation. The Port of Dammam was his next destination, a bustling environment where his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. He bought the first truck of what would later become one of the biggest transportation fleets in the country.

The milestone that shaped Almajdouie's future took place in 1965 when he officially launched his own transportation company. Immense momentum drove the business and its founder forward, and from that very first truck, his fleet grew to over 1,800 trucks and 2,200 trailers.

In the 1970s, Sheikh Ali Almajdouie worked tirelessly on localizing the logistics and transportation industry and established Almajdouie Steel Industries in ’76 to support and supply the growing fleet. The Group flourished in the 1980s with the foundation of Almajdouie Motors, a new automobile subsidiary that now showcases some of the leading global car brands like Genesis, Hyundai and Peugeot.

The 1990s brought Almajdouie new expansion opportunities within the food industry with the establishment of Aryaf Bakeries. This move was vital in diversifying the Group's portfolio and opening the door to a future-proof strategy across multiple sectors.

Under the inspired leadership of Sheikh Ali Almajdouie, the Group continued on a path of prosperity through the turn of the century. In 2014, a new philanthropic organization, the Almajdouie Foundation, was officially announced as the corporate social responsibility arm of the Group. To this day, the Foundation works closely with local partners on multiple community programs that help beneficiaries lead better lives and participate in the development of the Kingdom.

Majd Investment was established in 2020 to help streamline the Group's assets and explore new avenues for growth in collaboration with current and future partners. We are proud of our history and confident in our ability to honor Sheikh Ali Almajdouie's legacy, today and for generations to come.