About Majd

Majd is a distinguished investment company entrusted with managing the wealth of the esteemed Al Majdouie family. With a global reach spanning local, regional, and international markets, we have established ourselves as a key player across diverse asset classes, sectors, and industries.

At Majd, expertise, experience, and a globally diversified portfolio form the bedrock of our investment strategy. We encompass various asset classes, including real estate investment, marketable securities, and private equity. led by a dedicated team of professionals. This powerful combination ensures wealth preservation, growth, and positive contributions to the communities we serve.

Driven by well-defined investment strategies, we strive to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns for our stakeholders. Inspired by the vision and values of our founder, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie, we embrace responsible investing principles, aligning our strategies with local and global sustainable development goals.

With a keen focus on industries and sectors shaping a brighter and more sustainable future, we seek to make responsible investments that benefit both society and the environment.

Majd stands as a leading investment and development company, managing Al Majdouie's family wealth through Shariah-compliant approach that aligns with the family values and principles. With a diverse global portfolio and a steadfast commitment to responsible investing, we strive to generate attractive returns while actively contributing to a more sustainable future.