The Founder
Shaikh Ali AlMajdouie
Shaikh Ali AlMajdouie

Embarking on a remarkable professional journey, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie began his career by traversing various cities in Saudi Arabia, driven by the pursuit of a fulfilling life of serving his family and the wider community.

Eventually finding his place in the Eastern Province, he joined the prestigious Saudi Aramco through their esteemed employment training program.

After three years of dedicated service at Saudi Aramco, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie ventured into the railway industry in Dammam, where he delved into the realm of customs clearance. During this period, his intellectual horizons expanded, and his future ambitions in the business world took shape over the course of fourteen transformative years.

Throughout his odyssey, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie achieved a significant milestone by acquiring his first taxi, which he diligently operated during his leisure hours, thereby securing an additional stream of income. This accomplishment propelled him towards realizing his dream: owning his very own cargo truck.

In the year 1965, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie made a resolute decision to dedicate himself entirely to his entrepreneurial pursuits, venturing into the domains of land transport and customs clearance. This strategic leap led to remarkable achievements, establishing his name as a shining beacon within his industry.

In 1985, his entrepreneurial spirit soared to new heights as Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie expanded his business ventures, establishing an automotive sector and earning the prestigious appointment as the authorized dealer for Hyundai in the Eastern and Northern regions. Under his expert leadership, this sector flourished with professionalism and distinction.

Driven by his unwavering vision and with the invaluable contributions of his sons, the group's enterprise continued to evolve and thrive across diverse sectors. Today, it stands proudly among the nation's distinguished companies, both in the realms of commerce and philanthropy, under the wise guidance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over six decades.

Today, Shaikh Ali Al Majdouie is part of several highly acclaimed boards and memberships, including holding the position of ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors’ at AlMajdouie Holding, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AlMajdouie Charity, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Al-Majdouie and Family Endowment Guardians Committee.